Saturday, August 11, 2012

Wet Lilies, Photos by Amy

Lilies, so beautiful from a distance, take on a whole new look when we take a closer view.  Details missed at from afar make an intriguing photo study.

Tiny bugs,  textured white petals and water droplets catch the eye.

Stargazer lilies have more than fragrance and color. Their petals are covered with little dark pink spikes.

The reproductive parts of the stargazer  are right up front for easy access.

This green day lily is wet enough to be  translucent in  some places.

Way down deep in the throat of the lily, an unknown bug is making a visit.

Near or far, lilies add so much fragrance, color and beauty to the garden.  Just like the gardeners, the lilies are happy to be wet with rain.

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