Wednesday, September 15, 2010

September 15, 2010, Bloom List

Aster Oblongifolius,"Dream of Beauty"

Aster Latifolius, "Lady In Black"

These two asters are new for us this year. We hope they will do well here. They are off to a nice start so far.

September 1 ,2010, Bloom list: Ingeborg's mallow, purple cone flower, morning glory, evening scented stock, Gallardia, Johnny jump ups, Nicotiana, Stella D'oro lily, catchfly, Peppermint stick zinnia, wild and "Pretty Belinda" yarrow, snapdragon, heliotrope, "Who Dun It" Dahlia, Aclepsis tuberosa, anise hyssop, gloriosa daisy, catnip, cinnamon basil, fennel, black eyed Susan, golden glows, trumpet vine, cardinal flower, scarlet runner beans, white and pink phlox, Fiona Coggill shasta daisy, butterfly bush,white and red hibiscus, spearmint, peppermint, yard long beans, Russian sage, white coneflower, New England aster, lemon balm, C. superbum, rose of Sharon, lavender, Angelica gigas, nasturtiums, Dianthus, perennial flax, fragrant gladiolus, "Cherry Brandy" Rudbeckia, pennyroyal, purple closed gentian, "Clara Curtis" chrysanthemum, grey headed coneflower, meadow sage, feverfew,Rudbeckia triloba,spicy globe basil, asters, curly mint, sunflower, curly chives, mullein, buckwheat, peas, zucchini, "Autumn Joy" and pink sedum, pink foxglove, sea holly, dill, "Mammouth Dark Pink Daisy" chrysanthemum, chives, lemonverbena, arugula, zucchini, yellow squash, white coneflower, Aster latifolius, "Stardust " and "Mary Stoker" chrysanthemums, Brahmi, bluets, wild thyme

Now the list is getting shorter. Many flowers are nearly finished blooming. Some are making one last effort to bloom. A few plants are on the list for the first time and there are still a few late bloomers yet to come, that we hope will squeeze in their bloom time before cold weather arrives.

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You have a very pretty property. You are correct, the list keeps getting shorter and shorter. I feel the same way.Happy GBBD.