Friday, September 10, 2010

A Visit On The Wild Side

After two days of rain, Ed was headed outside early. He took his scythe and went back to the pond. He was gone for some time when he returned to get me, the camera, and some water. We took the truck up the lane to the back meadow, and the pond. Looking south toward the stone square and the house, all you can see is an ocean of goldenrod and milkweed, perfect for Monarch butterflies. The single clump of New England asters is a favorite of ours and a favorite snack of the deer. Back here where the critters rule, the purple plants are rare. On the horizon you can see morning river fog, and just a bit of the distant hills on the other side of the river.

A new plant has popped up at the pond. If I am correct it is Nodding Burr Marigold. The bloom time and habitat is right . These plants and duckweed seem to have taken over the pond. The seeds of the marigold are favored by ducks. Perhaps they were flown in by our fowl friends.

Here where there is plenty of water, the plant life is lush. Another type of aster and orange jewel weed battle for their spot amid the ferns and marigolds.

I could see interesting mushrooms from the edge of the pond. Ed got his feet wet getting to the island to take this shot of mushrooms growing at the base of a tree. I'm pretty sure the next hot sunny day will find him playing back here in the water and mud. He's really a kid at heart!

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