Sunday, December 27, 2009

It Might As Well Be Spring

I knew this morning as I watched the sun come up over the hill dissipating the fog that hung in the valley overnight, that today was going to be a glorious day.  It was not terribly cold overnight so by 10:00 the garden beckoned.  Today was perfect for walking in the garden.   Geese flew over us so low that we could hear the swishing of their wings as they passed directly over our heads.

With the temperatures in the forties, it could be a day in April as far as
the garden is concerned.  The lambs ear, now without its cover of snow, looks like it's all ready to get started growing.


Ed's "Fiona Coghill" Shasta Daisies look beautiful.  But it's not really April.  I hope they will look this good then.  When winter comes back, and it will, it can be very unkind to exposed plants.

The main part of the vegetable garden is completely devoid of snow.  Ed's stone paths make it easy to inspect every bed.  Johnny Jump Ups have flowers that must have been under the snow.  The chervil has made a carpet in the Gloriosa Daisy bed.  Some beds have weeds waiting to be pulled.  Only the kale is really visible in the picture.  It's now at it's best for winter use.   So far Ed's garlic remains sleeping under its covering of mulch.  A little touch of spring in December made for a fantastic day, but what of tomorrow?

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