Monday, July 16, 2018

Still More Daylilies

This photo of Aurora Raspberry was taken last year.  A very complex combination of colors and textures has kept this plant rather small.  Only two flowers opened this year and both were too small and incompletely formed for a current picture.

Ivory Edges displays the ruffled edges that I find compelling.  A scent is also likely but since this flower is behind a wire cage to keep the deer away, I was also kept away.

Gentle Ed was purchased one year after Ivory Edges.  The flowers are quite similar but how could I possibly resist a plant that carries both my name and a personality characteristic.  If  Modest were its middle name that match would approach perfection.

Big Bird is a huge vigorous variety that we have planted in two different locations.  Those growing in the deep gravel soil near the house are having difficulty opening complete flowers.  The deep river bottom land down near the road holds more moisture resulting in a typical perfect flower.

The combination of yellow and maroon makes Huckleberry Candy a stunning variety.

Frosted Vintage Ruffles has been with us for a very long time.  Like all of our plants, this one needs to be divided and given more space since its flowers are rather small this year.

Blueberry Candy has the wide fat petals more commonly seen on recently developed varieties.  The separation of the white and purple colors is strikingly beautiful.

Sunday Gloves is another one that is struggling with the lack of rainfall and overcrowding.  Pure white is a difficult color to breed into daylilies but this one is very nearly perfect.

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