Saturday, July 15, 2017

Daylily Album, Part One

                                          Destined To See

                                          Spiritual Corridor

                                          Frosted Vintage Ruffles

                                          Aurora Raspberry

                                          Wild Mustang

                                          Gentle Ed


                                          Ivory Edges

                                          Elegant Candy

                                          Wineberry Candy

                                          Becky Lynn

                                          Prairie Blue Eyes

                                          Indian Giver

                                          Chicago Arnie's Choice

We continue to search for flowers that combine beauty, scent and hardiness for our sometimes harsh location.  Daylilies will get by with nearly total neglect or they will accept nearly daily fussing over. They will usually recover when late hard frost turns their new leaves to slime.  Their chief shortcoming is the mushy mess that follows blossoms that last for only a single day.  This trait can be made positive if one takes a mid morning walk about intending to remove yesterday's flowers while reveling in the purity of freshly opened blooms.  Most of our varieties are scented since that is one bodily function that still operates here.  The fragrances range from subtle to overpowering.  One soon learns which varieties are best enjoyed from a distance.  Walking around with yellow pollen stains around the nose is a common experience for us.  An understanding of just how powerful the allure of these plants is can be found with knowing that the varieties shown here represent just over one third of our collection.  All of these plants were purchased as mail order midgets and now we are faced with finding enough planting space for all of these much larger plants and the divisions that can now be taken.

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