Monday, July 10, 2017

A Brief Garden Visit, Photos by Amy

It was impossible to walk by this brilliant yellow lily without taking a closer look!

This foxglove's beautiful pink flowers have reached the  top. Soon they too will have gone to seed but   for now they  look  terrific. I love the fly!

Here we are looking at grass from a new point of view.  Who notices grass flowers?  Amy does!

A stone marks this Sweet Annie plant among the weeds in the potato bed.  It's easy to identify when weeding not by its appearance, but by its aroma.  I always save this plant for Jane if I find one.  It is her favorite!

Whorled loosestrife made  an appearance close to Ed's trailing arbutus.  It is a wildflower, perhaps it will get to stay!

With the acres of milkweed we have here, you might expect a Monarch butterfly.  However today it was a tiger swallowtail sitting still for the photographer!

Back at the  stone square we spent a little time sitting on the bench.  We certainly packed a lot into a brief visit. It was spectacular!

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