Sunday, July 23, 2017

Daylily Album, Part Two

                                          Lime Frost

                                          Doc Reaver

                                                    Ruffled Parchment

                                          Strawberry Fields Forever

                                          Sunday Gloves

                                         Blackberry Candy


                                                    Cathrine Woodbury

                                          Free Green

                                          Amish Quilt Patch

                                          Fragrant Pastel Cheers


                                          Shipped In Error

Just a couple of comments concerning these names.  We recorded on stones the name that seller claimed was the correct varietal name.  There are numerous chances for error both before we received the plants and after they arrived here.  If anyone believes that we have misnamed any of these flowers, we would welcome their input.  Free green is not really a recognized name but a description of how that plant arrived here  It was included in a mail order as a free gift.  I cannot believe how a plant that robust, scented, ruffled and nearly white can be given away nameless for free.  Overall, it is one of our best plants.

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