Sunday, June 25, 2017

Snow Peas Fresh From The Garden

The Oregon Giant peas are ready.  Ed plants them in two rows and then adds a chicken wire fence down the middle for the peas to cling to.  This year he mulched them with finely chopped and sifted leaves.  The results are spectacular and except for a little hand watering during dry periods we have not had to do any upkeep.  We have been having a lot of deer trouble this year, but the cage around the bed had kept the peas safe.  Now we get to enjoy the best part!

First thing this morning Ed went out to pick the snow peas and get them into the fridge.  It made us happy all day to know we would be having one of our absolute favorite summer dishes for dinner tonight!  Both pea beds are producing now.  Maybe I will actually make something different with snow peas this year too, but this dish is  fabulous!

 This recipe dates back to our vegetarian days.  Now I realize not everyone likes or even wants to try tofu, but this Sesame Baked Tofu With Snow Peas and Almonds would be a great place to start.  I have made this with chicken and it was delicious, but the original is still our favorite!  The recipe is from  The Moosewood Kitchen Garden Cookbook, pg. 235.  I love this book!  I might have scanned the page directly from my cookbook. I have used it so much that the pages are loose. However, I don't know what the current rules are for that sort of thing and I may have spilled soy sauce on this recipe once or twice.  I wouldn't want anyone to see that!   I'll be picking more peas on Tuesday morning.  I can hardly wait!

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Beth @ PlantPostings said...

Yum, yum, yum. There's nothing like fresh, organic peas. I can't grow them here in the shade, but my CSA food share usually supplies plenty. Looking forward to it! Your recipe sounds delish.