Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Misty Morning Garden Delights

The World famous  Itsy Bitsy Spider was in the woodland garden this morning and so were  Ed and I.  There is just two inches between those wires.  Now that's tiny! One can only imagine how tiny the bugs are that this spider hopes to catch!  Just as exciting as that for me is part of the freshly weeded onion  bed that can be seen in the background.

It's cool in the garden before the mist burns off.  Every spider web, flower and leaf  has beautiful little droplets of water on them.  It is a great time to be in the garden.  Of course the bugs agree.  I'll be snorting all morning to get rid of the little black bug that flew up my nose.

Soon the sun will burn through the mist and all the wet glistening dew will be gone.  The tiny spider will still be there, but without the water droplets her web will never be noticed.  The flowers and plants will enjoy the sunny part of their day.   I'm glad I was out there in the  delightful misty morning.  I'll be even happier when I'm sure I have gotten rid of that little black bug!  What a wonderful beginning to a sunny blue sky day!

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Indie said...

Great shot of the web! I just love cool, misty mornings! (Bugs that fly up your nose, not so much.)