Friday, January 13, 2017

Under A Blanket Of Snow, The Plants Are Carrying On!

You might think with all the cold, snow, ice and darkness that the plants would be dormant.  Some are of course.  We won't see a sign of the Lemon lilies until the Spring actually happens, but the Johnny jump ups have been flowering under the ice and snow.  They always do.  That bright green sprig of tall snapdragon is ready to try for another season.  It's not dead so it still has a chance!

This gorgeous sedum might be more pink than green in the cold, but I'm pretty sure the plants are growing and the clump is getting a little larger every time I get a chance to see it.  As far as I know the cold has little effect on these plants but sometimes rodents eat them!

Forget-me-nots have self seeded on top of the shade garden wall.  Some of its leaves are brown from the cold.  It is growing in a very exposed location.  This plant plans to flower when spring arrives.  It will not give up its chance to flower easily!

Ed's Shasta Daisies barely made it through the winter last year.  At this point this clump looks terrific.  It is well rooted and has a wonderful chance to survive.  I do see  some weeds plan to make a comeback as well.  They include Shepard's purse, a new dead nettle that appeared here in droves last summer and  that disgusting little sucker in the front of the picture.  I don't know the proper name of that pernicious weed and I would never print here what I call it!

This Lewisia, also called bitter root, was wonderful this summer  It had beautiful pink flowers in July.   However, I have to wonder just what it thinks it is doing now.  Whatever it is I  don't understand it.  I certainly wish the plant well, but just the same I'll be marking the Lewisia  in the catalogs when I find a place to get more.  Perhaps the idea of having the company of a few more of these plants will give this one the will to live.  I know it will cheer me up!  

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