Sunday, January 22, 2017

January Fun With Ed And Becky, Part Two

 While Ed is moving mountains with his pry bar, I focus my camera on the fluorescent green spots on the stones on the back side of the temporary stone pile.  

This small deep round hole turns this pink and black stone into a fascinating mystery!

Soft green moss is a welcome sight in January!

I wonder if these are moss flowers?  Do they usually bloom under the snow?

This lichen covered stone is wet.  I think when it dries the red color will be gone.  Neat!

This is the view from the leaning tree!

That is a very interesting rock with fossils at the base of the tree.  Ed has his eye on this one!

By afternoon  this day in January was as nice as the nicest day in May.  We had so much fun. It is a good day to remember!

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Beth @ PlantPostings said...

I am following your rock "adventures." You're so fortunate to have so many beautiful stones. Love the moss!