Friday, December 27, 2013

Sunrise and Snow

Staring out the window at the ridge while having my morning coffee was an extraordinary experience today.  The sun was just coming up and the sky was was a beautiful pink. This picture was taken at 7:23.

Just one minute later the color had changed.  I was dazzled by the display.  I confess I'm not up to observe the sunrise often, but at this time of year the sun gets up rather late.

By 7:32 the color had begun to fade and soon gave way to a bright sun reflecting off the newly fallen snow.  It was a lovely start to a beautiful day!

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Donna@Gardens Eye View said...

Betsy these are spectacular...I love seeing the it was cloudy as usual so no sunrise. I usually see it while driving to work and I can't take pictures...I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and wishing you a very Happy New Year!!