Friday, December 6, 2013

Quick Garden Thaw

It was kind of a dreary day, but with the snow completely gone from the garden I just had to walk around and take a look.

Ed's gorgeous stone entrance to the basement was all cleared of snow.

The lamb's ear looks fuzzy and fine!

In the bed down by the road most of the plants look great, but this perennial flax looks especially terrific.

This big mound of foxglove  looks all ready to put on a magnificent show in the spring.

Of course the weeds are  getting ready for spring too. This garlic mustard just begs to be pulled, but the ground is only soft at the surface.  I'll deal with it later.

Finally a very small patch of yellow caught my eye as I headed inside. I suspect it is a temporary fungus. If you click on the picture to make it bigger and look closely you can see a tiny slug.  I have never seen one that small before. I usually dispatch slugs found in the garden, but this baby slug was a cute as they ever get. I let him live. It was fun to see the garden uncovered briefly but I'm sure these plants would like their blanket of snow back.  It sounds like they won't have long to wait!

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