Saturday, November 16, 2013

No Hunting Necessary

In this part of New York today is the day that  large numbers of the population are out there hunting for the elusive deer.  It all seems so unnecessary.   Certainly  we don't have to hunt for them here.  This one was right outside my kitchen window.

Rare is the morning that I don't see  deer  in the garden pruning my plants and leaving footprints everywhere.  This plant  grows in my shade garden.  I never thought that the deer would jump up to get into that raised bed, but they do and they are very slow to leave when I yell at them from the bedroom window.  They simply feel at home here and are not impressed or intimidated by me.

The deer seemed to think that my Gloriosa daisies  needed to be cut back.  I don't know if I agree, but the year the deer horrified me by eating my tree peony turned out to be the year that the plant had more flowers than ever before.  Maybe they know what they are doing!

Plants that we do not want the deer to walk on or eat have to be well protected.  This cage protects the fringed polygalas from  the deer's munching.

Without the cage the plants look like this.  I just know that deer would make short work of these wildflowers that I treasure so much.  So my wild flowers live in a cage for their own good.  They might make it out in the woods where you have to hunt for deer, but not here.  This morning I counted 6 deer in the garden.  No doubt as hunting season progresses, there will be even more.  I think they know they are safe so close to the house and they like the buffet!

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