Sunday, November 3, 2013

Fall Back

It's time for change.  The clock has been turned back.  It seems like the garden gets a new and colder chill every night.  Yesterday just a short time in the afternoon was really comfortable to be in the garden and darkness came quickly.  Only a few flowers are still hanging on.  My pink sedum  looks great and still has a sweet subtle fragrance despite the chill.

Today it was cold.  Ed worked outside through the middle of the day, but I ventured out only to empty the compost, to use the hydrant to wash the garden soil off the potatoes that I wanted to cook for dinner and to take a few pictures.  Even our hardiest flower of them all, my Emperor of China chrysanthemums are starting to droop.

This is a picture of my Frostweed.  I got my seeds from Gail of Clay and Limestone.  I don't know if this is how the plant should look now or not.  I had to shoot the picture through the cage because it was firmly frozen in place.  I would so love to have frost flowers of my own.  Who knows maybe one of these mornings when the sun finally makes an appearance,  I'll have a pleasant surprise out there in the garden cold .


Anonymous said...

So beautifull!

Our photos said...

Greetings, RW & SK

Indie said...

I have never heard of frostweed before, but looking online, it looks like one awesomely cool plant!! You'll definitely have to post if it makes any unusual shapes!