Friday, June 28, 2013

When It Comes To Fungus Does Color Matter ?

When I found these fungi growing in one of my scented geranium pots, they struck a familiar chord.  For a very long time wiseacre gardens had been a favorite blog of mine. He has not posted for some time so I was delighted to be able to link to his post on white bird's nest fungus.  Now I wonder if my dark grey "eggs" in little nests are a bird's nest fungus or not.  It's amazing the things that are right there and we miss seeing them.  It was nice to be reminded of wiseacre.  I'm glad I can still visit and share his walks in the woods and his insightful knowledge of the things that grow there!


PlantPostings said...

I'll have to check out Wiseacre Gardens. Those are some rather interesting fungi you have there. I'm always fascinated by fungi, but I don't know them by name very well, and would never consume them based on my limited knowledge. But they are fun to discover!

CommonWeeder said...

I've had a lot of fungi popping up in the lawn and garden this spring because of all the rain. I have no idea what they are. And since I use woodchips on the vegetable garden paths there are lots of mycelium threads underneath. I hope that they are helping the vegetable beds.