Monday, June 24, 2013

Hot Under The Collar

No pretty flowers or cute wildlife visitors today. This is how it really is in the stone wall garden  and it has been this way for days.  It's too hot and it's too dry.  I know it is officially summer, but I could have waited for this kind of heat at least until mid-July.  I'm still picking slugs, snails and rain rotted foliage from my potted lemon grass and scented geraniums.  After clouds and rain for so long the abrupt change to hot and dry is shocking to the plants and the gardeners as well. This thermometer that reads a solid 94 degrees is shaded by my Clematis, Jackamanni .

It has been coming along so beautifully, covered with buds.  Now with this heat the ants have turned many of the buds into an aphid farms.  Needless to say I am not pleased.  I can't help thinking a nice hard thunderstorm is just what I need to discourage this activity.

Most of the time weeding in the garden is fun.   The sounds of the song  birds, the aromas of the plants and flowers, visits from humming birds and butterflies make it delightful pastime, but if it is this hot and dry, when it comes to weeding, it  feels more like work.  Ed had been working diligently to finish weeding the onions.  I tried to help, but the heat drives me inside fast.

Sometimes weeding is only really fun when it is done.  I sure hope we get some rain soon.  Sometimes I like my onions cooked, but I prefer to do that in the kitchen!

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Indie said...

That is one impressive looking onion bed! Too bad it's so hot there. I don't care for weeding that much, though when it's nice cool weather it can be enjoyable. When it's hot though, it's such a chore!