Thursday, June 13, 2013

Siberian Iris 2013

This new bed near the road is clearly in the middle of an old farm field.  Quack grass rules here but we have learned a few tricks to temporarily control it.  Grass clippings were deeply piled here for one full year before we considered planting anything.  Then the clippings were pulled aside and the ground turned with a hand fork being careful not to break any roots.  The few remaining roots were cleared intact.  A trench was dug outside of the bed, lined with cardboard and filled with ground tree bark.  Any quack grass trying to cross into the bed is easily removed.  We know that inattention on our part will allow the quack grass to completly reclaim the planting bed but for now we are winning.

Denise recommended Siberian Iris to us several years ago.  We purchased one or two new varieties a year to allow us to learn about this new plant.  Five of our oldest friends were chosen for placement in front of the stone wall.  We think that a dry stone wall is the perfect backdrop for the sword like foliage.  The flowers last for only a short time but are well worth space in the garden.  Our collection is presented in the order that we acquired them.

                                                                    Roaring Jelly

                                                                  Butter and Sugar

                                                                       Silver Edge


                                                                     Sky Mirror

                                                                     Gull's Wing

                                                                  Golden Edge

Nearly every day this June has featured rain.  Today the flood warnings are out with an additional 2 inches of rain expected.  We are so far behind moving our plants from their pots to the garden but the rain really perks up the new transplants.  Weeds are getting the upper hand so we really need some time in a relatively dry garden.  Siberian Iris flowers can be enjoyed from the comfort of the living room regardless of the weather.


petka said...

It is a great beauty!

CommonWeeder said...

Siberian irises are beautiful anywhere. And tough. I threw a thinned out clump into our field - and it continues to bloom there every year. I was impressed by the way you prepared this bed. Good tips.