Friday, November 9, 2012

Hardy Chrysanthemums

These Helen Mae chrysanthemums give a new dimension to the term hardy.  They were just beginning to open flowers when the first hard frost hit.  We trimmed off the blackened flowers but left the tight buds in place.  A pale pink oasis now remains in the garden.  Some new growth at the base of the plant suggests that this beauty plans to return next spring.

Another new arrival  here is Cambodian Queen.  Similar in habit to Emperor of China, a move to a larger open area will be necessary come spring.  Their underground shoots are real travelers.

Abundant new growth is spreading outward from the Daisy White mum.  This is what we wanted to see.  If these young plants survive, we could have more  mums than we have places to plant them.  Bluestone Perennials was our mail order source for the mums last spring.  Their young mums are not cheap but if they winter over for us they are worth the cost.  They certainly have a better chance than the pot bound plants sold most places.

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Indie said...

That Helen Mae is such a pretty color! That is awesome that you are getting new little sprouts - I hope they survive for you!