Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Beautiful Day For AWalk, Photos by Amy

It was a beautiful day for a walk around.  The lately unfamiliar warmth of sunshine felt delightful.  Most of the garden and surrounding meadows have changed from greens to  beige or brown.  Amy did manage to find a bit of color in this heart shaped sedum leaf.  Most of the plant has gone brown, but a few leaves down in the crack of the stone wall are still colorful.

The windy weather has blown most of the oak leaves to the ground. They make an interesting picture with the fairy cups growing on the rocks.

Unable to choose between the photographs I included both of them. I find these lichen formations so charming. I think they are worth a second look.

For some reason shed snake skins remain stuck to the stone wall that forms the entrance to our basement. Shed during the summer, they still hold their spot.  They are a wonderful but creepy study of texture against the stones.

There are several places on the wall that are decorated with these snake skins. Usually they don't stick there for so long. If you can forget what they are the designs they form are quite beautiful.

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