Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Chilled Salad Days

We are having starry, freezing nights in the low twenties or high teens. This is followed by
sunny days with blue skies and cool breezes. Yesterday morning we had a hard frost. A few plants in the garden have been nipped in the bud, but most  plants are taking it all right in stride.  My French tarragon is not bothered by the cold nights.  It is my understanding that this plant loves the cold and that Mexican marigold mint is used as a substitute in the south. To grow French tarragon you need to buy a plant. Tarragon from seed is not the same.  I picked some to add to our lunchtime salad after numbing my tongue with a leaf while I was still in the garden..

Another fine herb, chervil comes up early in the spring.  I  let it go to seed in the summer and then move the seed heads to the spot where I want it to grow. It is still hugging the ground, but is ready to

Although we constantly weed out Johnny Jump Ups, we never get them all. There are always a few to add to a spring salad. The chives are up and ready to use. Their flowers will come later.

Admittedly we are still using carrots and lettuce from the store. These herbs from the garden and a homemade raspberry vinegar dressing turn a boring salad to a gourmet treat. Granted it's just the start of our salad days, but it's a great beginning!


petka said...

Amazing color of the flowers! That would be a beautiful gown to the opera!

Donna said...

My chives are loving the cold along with any mint..they are not thwarted either...

DeVona said...

Enjoyable post! Love the viola colors! Someday, could you share some vinegette recipes?