Saturday, July 23, 2016

Can You Call This Working In The Garden?

Everything in the garden is growing so fast.  I chose to weed a new strawberry bed before the weeds ruined the plastic netting we use to protect the strawberries from birds.  I sit on a little cart when I work on weeding and that puts the beautiful  bee balm right at my eye level.  The butterflies and hummingbird moths  were way to busy sipping nectar from the flowers to notice me. I counted 6 hummingbird moths that I could see at once.  Never have I gotten such a close look at these fascinating creatures.  One came so close I got a great look at his fuzzy tan and brown body.  His wings moved  too fast for my eye to see them as he hovered over one tubular blossom after another. When he left he flew right by my left ear so I could hear the faint buzzing noise of his wings.  Several checkers and a couple of white butterflies were hanging around as well.

Since my weeding was finished when this tiger swallowtail showed up, I took a break and went for the camera.  I find butterfly photography challenging, but the bee balm helps to keep them focused on feeding.

I got a nice picture of this Tiger Swallowtail butterfly.  The strawberries are weeded and safe under the netting.  So is this working in the garden or having incredible fun in the sun?

Please note that coyote visited the smoke bush this morning.

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