Friday, July 1, 2016

Bloom Today

This morning  I was out in the garden pretty early to pick Oregon Giant peas for dinner.   Clearly this daylily started the day earlier.   It has already begun to open.  This is its one day to bloom.  I snapped this picture and went on with my morning.  Now that we have had some rain there are plenty of things to do in the garden.

By 10:00AM I was ready to head inside for a break, but I stopped and took this picture of that same flower.  How amazing it is that something so beautiful happens so quickly while we are not watching.  Given to us by a garden friend, this is the only double daylily we have.  It's the single flowers that have captured our fancy. I prefer pinks, purples and  white over orange, but this orange and red beauty is a stunner!

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