Monday, July 27, 2015

Argiope Aurantia, Photo By Amy

I didn't recognize this spider at first.  On closer inspection I thought, "Marge , why are you so slender?"  We have called these Argiope aurantia spiders Marge after Marge Simpson ever since we saw the first one many years ago.  The light dawned when I looked at this post from August ,14 2011.  She has lots of time to grow before frost!    She is still young, a newlywed perhaps or maybe a spinster. I didn't notice a male or the white zigzag he places on the web. She has a good spot and if she doesn't have a man around she will soon.  She will trap prey in the garden and she will grow.  In the middle of September she will be even bigger still.  Spiders work so much better than some stupid sticky trap. She and her new family are welcome in the garden.  In the house I have  a totally different attitude towards spiders!  


PlantPostings said...

Nice! I welcome spiders, too, unless their webs are too close to Milkweed or hummingbird feeders. Then I tend to tidy up a bit.

Indie said...

Very cool! I don't know much about the types of spiders, but I do welcome them in the garden! I'm very glad though, that here up North there are fewer poisonous spiders.