Sunday, February 10, 2008

An Exciting Morning !

This morning the garden is getting its blanket of snow back. It's not a thick cozy comforter yet, but it's a start. I always feel much better when my plants, and their new growth for next year are safely covered with that blanket of snow. I always felt the same way about having my children tucked in bed for the night.

I was sipping my morning coffee, and admiring the beauty of the new snow on the garden when I noticed a black ball of fur writhing under the fruit trees. I found the binoculars to get a better look. No doubt about it, that was a pair of skunks. I had noticed a "Je ne sais quoi." when I left the house the other day. Of course I knew exactly what the quoi was, but it was very faint. I thought of just one skunk. Surprise!

So my morning of voyeurism began. First I have to say that those Pepe Le Pew cartoons are right on. Just substitute another skunk for the cat. It really was like a rather long and exciting game of twister mixed with the usual mating motion. They rolled over a rather large area. Finally when they separated they each backed away from each other, tails held high. She took off toward the trees. After surveying the field of play, he followed in the same direction.

The bugs, slugs and bees around here will have to beware! The great horned owls will be delighted, and I will definitely be talking loudly to myself when I'm outside early in the morning or after dusk. Skunks can be useful to have around, but they don't like surprises!

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