Friday, September 12, 2014

Spirit Boosters

It was not that long ago that I completely dismissed day lilies as totally unsuited for garden cultivation.  The deep orange ones commonly grow untended in ditches alongside of roads.  This habit earned them the name sewer lilies.  How could any plant that rampantly grows wild possibly capture my attention?

Exotic scents, color combinations and ruffled edges quickly won me over.  This year I was genuinely sorry when their time of bloom passed.  Catalog descriptions frequently list re bloom as a characteristic of some varieties.  More interested in scent and color, I did not seek out those that bloom a second time.  The first photo features an Elegant Candy.  We never purchased this variety.  It was discovered growing in a pot of Indian Givers.  Its late flowers have lifted my sagging spirits.

Princeton Silky has been here several years.  It displayed a huge number of flowers this year.  Still not worn out, it is having another go at flowering.  Great quantities of undesirable pollen fill the air at this time of year so separating  out the subtle scent of this day lily is difficult.  We are glad just to have the flower.

Swallowtail Kite has also produced a bountiful number of flowers this year.  The white stains that spot the petal edges are disappointing.  This variety is relatively new to us so we do not know if these white spots are typical or a result of this summers weird weather.  The yellow green eye spot seems to be a source of light.  Stained or not  color at this time of year  really pleases the eye.

It is highly likely that soon many Winter hours will be passed looking at mail order catalogs.  This year we will search out re bloomers.  What is better than a colorful non chemical depression buster?

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Donna@Gardens Eye View said...

Daylilies won me over too and I have one still going. I have a couple that rebloom that are yellow. Have fun with your dreaming of daylilies.