Sunday, March 30, 2014

What's Going On Out There?

It rained pretty hard during the night. The rain stopped for a short while this morning and Ed and I went outside to walk around an get a look at the garden.  It was way too wet to actually do anything out there.  Hmm... This looks a little like a Big Foot footprint.

I stuck my bright pink size 9 boot in there so you could see the size.  This is not a footprint however.  You can see by all the stems cut on the diagonal that the creator of this garden bald spot is rabbits.  Whether they spent time here under the snow or are intending to build a future nest, they are not welcome here.

Here is another one in the Siberian Iris.   We'll have to check on these as soon as it is dry enough to work in the garden. Beat it bunnies!  Move out or face the consequences. As far as we are concerned spring is here and the gardeners are taking over!

We still have some snow in the garden.  The recently uncovered foxgloves look nice and green.  Today's continuing rain should get rid of the rest of the icy snow.

With just a little warmth and sunlight, my Dutch iris should pop into bloom!

At last my snow drops are making an appearance. Their buds are just the very beginning of the promise of beauty to come.

Our Clara Curtis mums are holding back in this chilly rain, but that's  temporary I'm sure.

Sunday gloves is the first of Ed's day lilies to surface.  It's hard to contain our excitement.  I've had enough for now however.  My fingers hurt from the cold and like the flower buds in the garden I'm waiting for a warm sunny day before I really show my face out in the garden  for any length of time.

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Kim and Victoria said...

We're much further along into spring, we've had some warm sunny days and lots of rain. I hope the bunnies move on down the road!