Saturday, November 19, 2011

Chilled Garden Close Ups

Things are cooling off in the garden. If out thermometer is correct it went down to 10 degrees last night. Obviously this sedum plant has reacted to the cold, but the hens and chicks are still looking good.

An even closer look shows us that as gross as this  sedum looks it still has  has tiny new growth at its base ready for next spring.

Right now this English lavender plant couldn't look more beautiful. It's not the cold but moisture that lavender despises.

Yes! This is a dead stick. I was captivated by the white fungus growing on it. Its white color and coral like texture  captured my imagination.

During the sunny part of the day Ed is working with stones now, getting ready to build a wall. He found this  fossil. It  was fascinating enough to place on  top of the shade garden wall where we can look at it whenever we wish. This small stone may have the deepest fossil imprint we have found here.

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