Saturday, August 28, 2010

Late August In The Garden

It's now late in August. That is crunch time for some plants that I love, but which really aren't that happy in zone 4. This year the purple angelica is putting on a terrific display. It's making up for the other times when it got nipped in the bud. I'm still waiting for the moonflowers and the tuberose. Trying to grow these plants here is a little like buying a gardening lottery ticket, but I'm still hopeful. This year for the very first time , the tuberose has sent up stems. Can flowers be far behind? Perhaps this is the year that I get to inhale that famous fragrance.

Lots of things in the garden are winding down and going to seed. I thought that this humming bird moth was dead. He let me get so close with the camera . As it turned out he was still alive and flew away, but obviously for him summer is coming to an end. Meanwhile the fresh tomatoes, squash , basil... are ours to enjoy while thay last!

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