Friday, February 8, 2019

Is Anybody Home?

After warm temperatures and last night's rain, much of our snow has melted.   It was so nice we just had to go outside in search of moss and adventure.   By tonight we will be back to winter weather.
What could be more fun to explore than the fallen remains of an ancient apple tree.  I could see moss from a distance so I climbed up the slight incline to take a closer look.

The base of the tree had lots of green moss, but I was immediately drawn to the moss surrounding this hole.   Anyone who has seen movies knows that it can be dangerous to stick an appendage into a dark hole.  These remains of a long ago broken branch might be similar to what inspired Disney artists.

I peered into the hole and could see that it was empty.  The opening was exactly the right size for my index finger.  I couldn't resist calling Ed over so I could show him the hole in the tree.  Of course I stuck my finger in the hole and pulled it out quickly as if I had been bitten just so that he could see it.  We really know how to have fun like a couple of kids in the woods!

Ed was able to get this photo taking advantage of his height. From that vantage point you can see the inside and outside of that hole.  Light entering the well rotted trunk from the end makes the interior visible.

Judging from the remnants of pine cones in the log, I think it's safe to say that sometimes a squirrel calls this old tree home.  Lucky for me he was out scampering about in the woods looking for  nuts elsewhere when my finger entered the nearby hole.  The wind picked up sending a chill down my spine and reminded me that it is still February. Ed and I  were ready to head for the warm house.  At our age it's best if we don't have too much fun in the woods.

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Indie said...

So nice to be outside in February, isn't it? This winter had been so strange. That looks like a great, cosy little spot for an animal. My squirrels are all out of their holes over by the bird feeder trying to figure out how to steal some seeds :)