Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Frosted Flowers Bring April Showers

When I saw distant purple, my favorite, from the living room window this morning, I knew it was time to get out there with the camera.  Last year I didn't get to see my dwarf iris bloom at all.  I was not going to miss their grand opening this year!  As you can see the flowers were a bit frosted.  Truth be told so was I.  I am so ready to spend time in the garden with  Ed, flowers, birds, butterflies and even weeds.  This morning the cold wind was too much for me.

I was not to be denied, however, so after lunch I went out again.  This time I was rewarded with just a glimpse of crocus pollen inside lovely purple striped Pickwick crocuses.  Their opening was rather tentative.  I totally understand.  Why flaunt the good stuff when it is too cold for the pollinators to be out and about?

A little more of the inner beauty of these little purple iris is showing.  Some years these bloom in March.  Some years they bloom magnificently in April.   For these little beauties and for me warm April showers would be such a welcome change from snow.

The purple leaves of my Virginia Bluebells have just broken the surface today.  I love spring ephemerals.  It is the beginning of their time . Don't miss them!

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Beth at PlantPostings said...

Oh joy! My Bluebells haven't emerged yet. I hope they survived our cold winter with very little snow. Crocuses and Hellebores are blooming, and Daffodils really want to, but it's been too cold. Several plants have emerged around the house foundation, but not much sign of new growth further out on the property. Come on spring!