Sunday, February 11, 2018


Both yesterday and today saw above freezing temperatures and rain with an overnight low of 30F.  Unfortunately the ground was frozen deeply hard before the earlier storm.  It started with rain that quickly froze just after it contacted the ground.  The resulting ice was smooth, solid and therefore dangerous to cross.  This area near the truck was kept as clear as possible after the recent storm.  The ice is lumpy and wet.  I will not risk another fall by trying to get to the truck.

There are three different surface conditions across this section of the lane.  The grass is partially bare and is safe to carefully walk on.  The nearby section of driveway is coated with porous ice that would likely crack and separate if driven on with the truck.  The center section that was covered with a layer of packed snow is smooth and wet.  A vehicle with chains would slip here.
Turning downhill after snapping the above photo, shows that the running melt water seems to have filled in the cracks in the track near the edge.  I wonder if I could steer a vehicle if I attempted to drive here. 

The curve preceding the drop to the town road looks passable but the steep slope is covered with water running over the surface of the ice.  We will not try to venture out today.  Some new snow may fall overnight.  Wednesday is forecast to be sunny and above freezing.  So we will wait until conditions improve.  When I was younger and less rational in my thinking, my truck of the moment slid backwards down this hill.  It came to rest with the corner of its tailgate firmly resting against a tree at the base of the slope.  Slowly I learn.  That learning remains unfinished as is shown by my willingness to walk about taking these pictures.  A gait featuring legs bent at the knees while leaning forward seems to be solid when slowly making ones way across the wet ice.  I can only imagine how old and broken one must appear while moving in that position.

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