Monday, January 22, 2018

Seed Catalog Competition

January is the time of year when reading seed catalogs is a big part of our winter days.  Ed's snowy trip to the mailbox is rewarded with an armload of colorful temptation.  Over the years we have made our way to the  top of the "sucker" list where garden and seed companies are concerned.  Ed and I each have our favorites. We swap, share and make wish lists.  Actual orders don't start until later.

However, this year the catalogs have a new form of competition for our attention!   Behold six years of  Plants and Stones printed in books.  Thanks to Amy and Blog2Print,  at least  part of the blog has been brought down from the cloud and is waiting for us to pick up and read anytime anywhere.   I take comfort in that.   I would be the first to admit that my memory is not what it used to be.  I started the blog in the first place to remember what happened in the garden and all of the fun we had here.   I'm sure we will get back to the catalogs soon although plans are in the works for the next four years of books.  2018 is the tenth year of our garden blog.  I never imagined when I started it how much it would change my life!  Having this record in hard copy will allow us to revisit these incredible years regardless of what the future holds.  These have truly been magnificent golden years well worth revisiting.

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Linda DeVona said...

Congratulations on ten years of remarkable blogging!