Saturday, October 14, 2017

Late Bloomers Are A Joy

It is so very nice to have a few late bloomers in the garden.  In October Autumn begins to wind down and most of the garden has gone to seed.  It is a real delight to still have something getting ready to bloom!

I have had this Sedum sieboldi for many years. I bought it on my one and only trip to Caprilands.  Small pink flowers with bright pink pollen have a subtle but pleasing aroma. Now that so few blooms are around they get to be the center of attention.

Treats for the bumblebees are down to a precious few.  It's easy to get their picture.  They are so intent on the fact that they have discovered pollen and nectar they don't care how close you get with the camera.   The Gallardias are also buzzing, but today I have a strong preference for pink.

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Beth @ PlantPostings said...

I agree: That is a joy to have late-blooming plants still going strong. Great photos! Enjoy these last warm days of autumn. :)