Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Help! We Need Somebody!

First thing this morning there was no doubt we were in way too deep!  Ed's stone walls had vanished overnight.  The blue cast on and in the snow just before the sun comes up is an amazing sight.

This is the view from the living room window.  At least the ridge is back. We couldn't see it at all yesterday!

Ed decided to start with the ramp outside the kitchen door.  The door opens out and would barely open so Ed had to squeeze himself and his snow pusher out through a narrow opening.  He figured if he could get the snow off the ramp he could try to uncover the car.

Usually he starts at the basement entrance.  That door opens in but the amount of snow to move to get to the car was daunting.  It is a long throw up to to move the shoveled snow past the edge of the wall cap.

Ed had to shovel a lot of snow, but he reached the car.  Only the driver's side mirror was showing, otherwise it looked like everything else, just a big pile of snow.

My Dad always used to say it was a pleasure to watch Ed work.  He has always enjoyed physical work.  He does it well.  Let's just say with all this snow stranding us here, some of the fun was gone.  Does he look happy?  Well yes he does a little.  Frequent brief rests are necessary to avoid another trip to the emergency room.

When BJ's plow came driving up the driveway I knew Ed was smiling again.  Once before a plow truck stalled at the top of the long hill.  The large amount of snow that Ed cleared from the driveway before it grew deeper than his machines could handle made it possible for the plow truck to reach the top.  It was a beautiful sight!  Help that comes at the right time can make all the difference!  Ed still has lots of huge piles of snow to move and more is still falling.  Tonight the travel ban was lifted.  We can get out if we need or want to. Tomorrow has great possibilities!

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Ed said...

A trip to get gas and drop off the mail at the post office actually happened Thursday morning. People that had been house bound for days were eagerly talking to absolute strangers. Smiles were plentiful and all of the conversations were upbeat and positive. If only we could make that mood of the moment last.