Wednesday, December 28, 2016

How Did This Happen?

My mother always had Christmas cacti and they always bloomed right on time like clockwork!  When I was younger I was not interested in plants and I never learned her secrets.  This year the Christmas cactus in my care has beautiful red flowers.  I am thrilled of course, but I have no idea exactly how this happened.  I had the plant in a west facing window.  My watering schedule was haphazard at best.   It was not looking particularly happy.  I moved it to a south facing window where it was pretty much in full sun and left it there paying very little attention to it.   To my surprise red flowers appeared.  At this point I don't know if the plant is very happy or if is blooming because it has been neglected and it thinks it is going to die.  It is wonderful to have flowers now with the cold and snow outside.  This plant has my attention now.  Perhaps I will do a little reading and see if the secret of caring for Christmas cacti can be found in any of my books.

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