Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Bright Red In The Garden. Photo By Amy

Most of the recent snow is now gone.  Amy managed to find some bright red Jack-in-the-pulpit berries to photograph.  A person might think that these berries belong to the green  Lungwort plant with the white speckles, but they actually belong to the brownish black dead leaves in the foreground. I see a couple of  columbine seed heads in the foreground as well.  We have been having gray skies and welcome rain.  Now that the snow is gone the deer blend right into the background.  They can disappear right before your eyes.  We did see a wet ruffled grouse that we could identify with the binoculars while he was on the grass, but he flew up into the woods and we lost him as we approached.  I guess a garden in Upstate New York becomes boring in the winter but not to me.  I still watch every morning for something to capture my interest.

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