Saturday, September 17, 2016

Danger Falling Rock Zone

All of the stones have been placed across the bed to deal with the slope and rain water.  With any luck both the stones and the soil will remain in place.  This job waited for years because I was unsure that the necessary skills to complete it were in place.  No injuries were sustained although there were two close calls.  Pinching a finger between two stones is a sensation that is not soon forgotten.  It was a close call today but my reflexes are still good enough to escape.  One stone falling into place ended its move against the side of my lower leg.  Fortunately the stone was finished moving when it contacted me and no damage was done.  Feeling all of that mass suddenly against old bones was an experience that will not be soon forgotten.  Great care must always be the rule.

The upper most bed has been cleared of stony dirt and had it replaced with screened topsoil and aged compost.  The finely shredded leaves spent the summer under the squash shading out weeds and conserving moisture.  In their new location they will again smother weeds while rotting to an excellent soil amendment.  The next two bed needs to be cleared of weed crowns and roots as well as numerous stones.

My largest stones were placed in the uppermost wall since that is where the greatest change in elevation occurs.  Stones this massive seldom cause injury because sharply focused attention and tools are required to move them.  It is impossible to manage even a wiggle with hand pressure alone. Working with the smaller stones tempts one to grab hold and move the stone with only brute force.  This is where injuries happen.  Placing myself in the path of where the stone was planned to fall thinking that I could keep it from moving too far was simply flawed dangerous thinking.

There are always stones left over when a job is finished.  The jumble of four resting on the lawn were not used and will need to be moved into storage someplace.  An out of place stone on the top wall will also move out.  I am amazed how quickly and safely this job was  completed.  Last year at this time I was unable to even dig my potatoes. That was then. This is now!   I clearly understand that days spent working like this are finite as they have always been.  Working smart not hard and enjoying every moment are now the focus of each day.  Today was terrific!

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FlowerLady Lorraine said...

**Working smart not hard and enjoying every moment are now the focus of each day. Today was terrific!**

Job well done.

You two have a great week ~ FlowerLady