Sunday, May 29, 2016

Who Goes There?

Pollinators are IN in the garden.  I have several brand new packets of  "Pollinator seeds" to plant.      I plan to get to that.   My problem is who is a friend and who is a foe?  I'm a gardener not an entomologist.  Is the insect on this beautiful yellow buttercup there to pollinate or to eat the flower?  It has been nibbled after all.   If I don't know I just take my picture.  Live and let live!

The flowers here are sweet cicely.  This visitor is unknown but I think if this bug were sitting on me it might get swatted.  This is a plant I nibble on myself.  The new green seeds have a wonderful licorice flavor.  They are a favorite in the garden snack.  The leaves reduce the need for sugar and both are terrific in fruit salad.

I guess it is official, I won't hurt a fly, at least not this time.  He adds a little something to the picture of clove currant, Ribes odoratum, flowers that have obviously already been pollinated.  The base of the flowers will continue to swell and change into blue-black berries that are delicious if the birds don't get them first.  The cloud of fragrance in the garden from this plant's yellow flowers is the reason we have them.  If we get a few berries that's a bonus.  Hummingbird's pollinate this one and that a big bonus too!

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Indie said...

It's so exciting to see bees making their way back into the garden! I've even seen a few butterflies the past couple days. Sweet Cicely sounds like such an interesting and useful plant.