Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A Chance Of Rain

For the next few days we have a chance of rain in the form of thunderstorms. Plants need water to grow.  A good all day soaking rain would be better, but we will take what we get and be glad!  For now Ed waters the plants  with his watering can. Plants waiting in pots to be planted need to be watered often.  Plants in the garden get some water this way too.  It is not enough, but it is something.

Ed's pinxter bush was one of the lucky plants to get sprinkled.  It is easy to see why.  The plant is covered with beautiful pink buds.  This is one case where rain for its Grand Opening would be the best we could hope for. Chances are either way the Pinxter  will get wet tomorrow!

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Indie said...

Having lots of plants given to me by a moving gardener sitting in pots and various containers to plant and having several days of heat, I am ready for a good rainstorm too! Lots of hand watering going on here as well...