Friday, November 20, 2015

Late November, Still Looking Good

This afternoon was way to gorgeous not to take the camera out to the garden.  If you think these new Johnny-Jump-Up plants will wait for spring to bloom, think again.  Come cold wind even snow, they  still do their thing.

This is our first year with Ice Plant. When the sun comes out, this plant flowers.  Being frozen for awhile doesn't seem to change that.  I wonder if these will peek out from beneath the snow in the spring?

This Sedum  was planted this year too.  We were late getting it planted, but it looks terrific today.  I feel great about its chance to winter over till spring.

I wanted to take a picture of my rosemary and scented geraniums from outside.  Straight on all I could see was my reflection.  I thought I was so darn smart taking this picture from way off to the side.  Not only is my reflection still there, but it is there twice. Please just ignore that blurry woman in the picture!  Don't my plants look good?


PlantPostings said...

Ha! Yes, your plants look great! I'm not sure I would have noticed your reflection unless I enlarged the photo, but that's cute! We're getting some snow tonight, so the world will look vastly different outside my window tomorrow!

Sunita Mohan said...

Violas! How pretty! They are very exotic blooms for me. I love seeing the plants that grow in your garden space ... so very different from mine. I think I would give an arm and a leg to grow such sweet-looking flowers n my garden :)