Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Garden Is Finally Open

Nearly all of the snow is now gone from the garden.  Outside air temperature of 40 degrees F and a forecast for rain opened a narrow window for early cleanup.  This planting of young day lilies seemed like a good place to start.  Many of the different varieties have already pushed green growth above ground.  We have read that it is sound practice to pull the bark mulch clear of the plant crowns at this time of year to lessen the likelihood of leaf fungus later.  Dead leaves pull clear as do the cut remains of last year's flower stalks.  Indian Giver, I hate that name, was the winner with eleven flower stalk stubs.  One of the many catalogs delivered here listed this variety at $50.  That of course is an exaggeration since common thinking among merchants requires that the price end with ninety-nine cents.  A new shoot appeared away from the central crown so we should soon have another of this beautiful plant.

Rain came and ended my outdoor fun.  The many returning birds seemed quite unaware of the light rain grading to mist.  Flocks of geese have separated and now we see pairs flying overhead.  Slate gray Juncos are finding much that pleases them in the driveway.  My trip to the mailbox sent up a group as I neared the road.  I disturbed them again at the top of the hill on my return trip.  A truly nasty weed grows in the gravel drive and it seeds profusely.  Perhaps the birds are feeding on those hated weed seeds.

The good news is that time spent kneeling today caused no knee pain.  Soreness in the thigh muscles is another matter entirely.  Today was wonderfully pleasant but I do miss my youthful body.


Beth @ PlantPostings said...

Yay! Spring progress! Much birding activity here, too. Today was the first day since late summer that I didn't see any juncos. I'm thinking they might have begun migrating north. We don't have them here during the summer. Such amazing acrobats! Enjoy the coming weeks of springtime!

Donna@Gardens Eye View said...

That is exciting that you are starting to garden...too wet here as we are being drenched daily and with the snow melt it is under water...I do understand about knee pain and wishing for that younger body again.

Indie said...

It is so great to get out in the garden again! We've had a few pleasant afternoons in between the spring rain, and I've managed to clean up a couple beds. So exciting to see shoots coming up and plants spreading and multiplying!