Friday, April 17, 2015

April Showers Bring Surprises

We had nice showers overnight.  Ed has been watching the arbutus like a hawk.  Surprise!  We have fall formed flower buds now showing white.  He is ecstatic.  These plants are covered with many buds.  The display should be stunning.  I did check to see in the buds were releasing any scent.  They were not.  Just the sight of white blossom tips must have triggered the memory of a favorite scent since none is in the air yet.

Down in the driveway by the  road, something interesting was going on overnight.  I have heard all about crop circles, but these were new to me.  I am familiar with worms.  I used to be famous for going out at night with a flashlight in my bare feet to pick up fishing worms for Daddy.  I'm sure Mrs. Robin will make short work of these.  She has babies to feed!

Ed planted peas today. There is no surprise there. He does it every spring.  Ignore the twine in the foreground of this picture.  I did not notice it, but I like this picture because it shows where in the garden the peas are planted for 2015.  Ed will use the twine before he comes in for the day to surround this planting with its wire cage.  When the critters come around during the night, they will leave us their surprises elsewhere.

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