Friday, August 15, 2014

Tavera Beans, Ces Sont Manifique!

I absolutely adore these French filet green beans.  The seeds we got this year are marked Tavera, Phaseolus vulgaris.  I got them from Botanical Interests seed company.  I noticed the also have another French filet bean with the same Latin name, but a different package. Perhaps I will try both kinds, but then again I love the flavor of the ones I have.  Why would I take a chance on something else?

Pulling up the plants and picking the remaining beans might have been a morning's work, but Ed's leaf mulch worked well and I did not have to stop to pull a lot of weeds. That made for quick work.  I did have to discard quite a few nipped off beans.  Some critter that got through Ed's cage thinks that Tavera beans are tres bon as well.  I guess I should not mind sharing, but I don't like having a rodent chewing on my food before I do!  The last of these lovely green beans are waiting in the freezer to bring back memories and  flavor from the garden just when we miss it the most!

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Donna@Gardens Eye View said...

Becky I am always looking for a great green bean so I will give these a try...and the mulching too. I use leaf mulch in my raised beds all winter but then discard foolish of me.

Those critters may be voles as my voles love to eat and mow down my beans and peas.