Thursday, July 24, 2014

This Is Our Wild Garden

The week of Garden Walk Buffalo always takes me back to 2010.  There you get to  to see an unbelievable number of gardens in such a short time and they are all so different from the formal to the wacky. This year our own garden is keeping us busy.  Both Ed and I have a part of us that likes the formal garden, weedless, with perfect plants symmetrically spaced.  If you look to the underlying structure you can tell that we started out that way.  However, as the time goes by our slightly wild garden grows more out of control.  Even after all these years we seem to plant things too close like these fantastic Table Dancer lilies.  Even planted so close they are glorious, fragrant and beautiful.

The whole garden is lush this year.  Not only do we have weeds of mythical proportion, the green bean plants, the squash and the onions are all growing impressively.  When I sit on my little garden cart to weed I literally disappear among the plants and flowers.  Self seeded favorites are coming up  all over.  Here is one of my pink poppies growing right next to Ed's bright orange Harlequin lily.  It's not a classic color combination but somehow it's still a day brightener for me.  The weather the next couple of days looks perfect for spending time in the garden.  

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