Friday, February 7, 2014

Snow, Shadows, Sunshine, Serenity

A muffled silence and quiet calm surrounds the garden after a snowstorm.  I never tire of the morning view out of our living room window.  The pristine white snow, Ed's stone walls and the sun coming up from behind the ridge make a picture too beautiful for words!

A little later in the day I ventured outside.  The air was crisp and cold.  Beautiful deep blue sky began to show through the clouds. So far only Ed's tracks have disturbed the smooth surface of the snow. I carefully made my way walking on the areas where Ed had plowed.

The white snow on ground, the spruce trees frosted with white, and the feathery white clouds against the blue sky made quite an impression.  I might have stayed out longer since it was so beautiful, but I was cold and the snow under foot was slippery.  I find that gravity has always had a stronger than normal pull on me. It seems to  get stronger every year.  Especially when it is slippery underfoot, I can find myself on the ground looking up at the blue sky before I even know it.  It was definitely time for me to head back inside to make a nice hot lunch.

By late afternoon  the deep blue of the sky was extraordinary.  Ed went out to take a few more pictures of this glorious day. Long blue shadows fell across the garden.  As the sun dropped in the west the blue shadows advanced. Without the warmth of the winter sun, the garden turned colder.

Not much of Ed's curved stone wall shows from beneath the pale blue snow.

I'm glad I'm inside a nice warm house and not out there with Ed's stone wall surrounded by the icy blue snow.  Even the picture seems cold!

The shadows have nearly engulfed the garden.  Only the shade garden and the hills in the east still have the warmth of the sun.  Time to enjoy these beautiful sights from inside the warm house until darkness fades the view to black.


Marthandan Yathamaniam said...

what is the temperature there?

Becky said...

The temperature has been running in the teens or single digits during the day and below zero to perhaps -10 at night.

sue catmint said...

Hi becky, what a wonderful view from your living roon. I love the blues of the sky and the paler blue of the snow. Feels like you're really in touch with that particular landscape.

Donna@Gardens Eye View said...

Becky your land and garden are stunning in their winter coat....I especially love Ed's walls. Hope you are staying safe and warm as another storm is headed your way.

Eden Abais-Candolea said...

very peaceful place..