Wednesday, February 19, 2014


On Monday, while I was driving near the mighty muddy Unadilla River, a sizable group of Canada Geese were spotted flying fairly low over the ice choked water.  It seemed that they are here early as much of the river is presently still frozen solid.  Where fast current flows in the shallows no ice is found but any goose in that water will have to paddle furiously just to hold its position. The need to claim a good nesting site has clouded their better judgement but food is in generous supply since the farmers have begun to spread their brown gold on the fields.  Seeing the geese made me feel better because the season must be heading for a change. 

My two pots of Easter Lilies require twice daily turning to keep the stems straight.  Little is expected in the way of flowers since the planted bulbs were all rather small.  Growing plants at this time of year are a much needed promise of things soon to come.  What to do when these forced plants finish their growth cycle wildly out of season remains a question looking for an answer.  Perhaps a second growing season can be activated if the bulbs get some time in the refrigerator.

My initial plan was to purchase new bulbs this spring.  McClure and Zimmerman have listed L.Longiflorum bulbs in their catalog for the past several years.  The current catalog does not feature these bulbs and I can find no source for the uncrossed natural bulbs.  If new plants are purchased at the grocery store around Easter, then we can begin again.

This morning a mature bald eagle was spotted flying above our other muddy river the Susquehanna.  At this time of year nesting eagles should be close to having eggs in their nest.  Here is another unmistakable sign that this winter will soon end.  Time to place another seed order.  

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