Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Touched By Frost

Frost was widely predicted for last night but we awoke to find the valley filled with fog.  Liquid moisture is a good sign, frost wise, so we thought that it had missed us again.  A closer look revealed that the top leaves of the basil were black and smelly.  The lower leaves looked okay but one would have to reach through the black slime to get to them.  Apparently frost formed before the valley fog.

Our self planted pumpkin really took a hit.  The ridge that funnels the cold into the valley sends it to us first.  I thought that the cold worked its way downward but these unfrozen leaves are just a little higher than the damaged ones.  We bought and read a book about gardens and frost but still do not understand how it forms and does its damage.

New people have bought the land behind us.  The only way to reach this land is by a long farm lane that is defined as a right of way.  The new owners initially thought that they owned the lane.  In fact they own none of it.  They seem to be having difficulty grasping the concept that their access is clearly defined and limited.  This stone wall is intended to help them see the limits.  My side of the fence was used as an old stone dump for the adjacent formerly cultivated field.  I may have enough stone here for the nearly one half mile lane but not the will to build it all.  We will see how far the wall extends when hunting season opens.  Guns will keep me front while hunting season is open.

The new owners have posted their land.  One might be confused about just what is posted since the sign is fastened to a tree that grows on my side of the fence.  It  seems like these new people will take whatever they need.  A huge ground level branch was found broken from the tree trunk and left lying across the lane.  The hole into the heart of the tree may result in death for the tree.  For now I will continue to build the dry stone wall.  I find the task completely enjoyable and all of the required materials are just lying on the ground.  What is better than free fun?

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PlantPostings said...

Wow, frost already! We've had some cold nights--but mostly in the mid-40s. But the high was 88F here today. 71F tomorrow, which will be sooo refreshing! Happy Autumn!