Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Weeding Thyme

We got a lot of rain last night.  Judging from the water in the bottom of my purple trug, it amounted to several inches.  When it is that wet, weeds that would often be difficult for me to remove pull with ease.  There are many weeds and many places to choose to work in the garden.  This morning I chose one of the thyme covered stone patios.  I was having a lot of fun pulling the weeds from the patio and while I was doing it, I disturbed this lovely little toad.   I went back into the house to get the camera hoping he would still be around when I returned.

It took me a while to spot him. He was tucked under the woolly thyme that cascades over the edge of the center patio onto the one next door.  Look how brightly colored he was when he thought he was hidden from my view.

When I took the second picture, his beautiful color had faded a bit, but I wanted to get a shot that showed his head.  The edge of Ed's patio behind a cascade of woolly thyme for curtains is a delightful place for a toad to reside.  I hope he decides to stay!  

I was having so much fun weeding that I might have still been out there, however I felt a sudden burning sensation just above my navel.  In seconds I realized I had a bee trapped in my pants. Clearly it had flown up my pants leg and could not find its way out.  I dropped my pants to my knees and let the panicked bumblebee fly away.  Sometimes it's a good thing we have an isolated garden.  It is usually my habit to tuck my pants inside my socks to prevent that sort of thing.   I won't forget to do that again anytime soon.  It's still a beautiful day for pulling those big weeds.  I think I'll find my socks and head back outside.

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